Teaming up to bring you bandwidth and expertise to the table on how to make anyone an investor in your company.


A plan for your overall strategy and

crowdfunding platform choice

An information memorandum that details

your business model

A financial model that details your

return on investment & use of funds

A justifiable valuation for your company

A promotion strategy to get the word out to potential investors

Legal review of investment offering

We can lead your Equity Crowdfunding Round.

The average raise is $250k.

Our Partners:

How does the timeline look like?

Phase 1:

Picking & applying

to the platforms

2-3 weeks

Phase 2:


Preparing all documentation & materials

4-6 weeks

Phase 3:


Launching the campaign & executing marketing plan

4-6 weeks

Ready to take action?

Let us review your deck and schedule a coffee to get to know you and your team

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