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KPIs are the Key Performance Indicators that will tell how well your company is doing in terms of revenue, clients, among others.


  1. Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR)

  2. Monthly Recurring Rev (MRR)

  3. Bookings

  4. Average Revenue per user (ARPU)

  5. Users & Active Users

  6. Gross Profit

  7. Gross Margin

  8. Burn Rate

  9. Monthly user Churn

  10. Gross churn

  11. Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

  12. Lifetime Value (LTV)

  13. Cohort Analysis

  14. Net promoter score (NPS)

  15. Virality coefficient

Investors are looking for these 15 metrics.

How many are you tracking?

Tell a story with your numbers

Numbers speak by themselves, but we’ll make sure they tell the story you want them to tell. This goes from your pitch deck to your financial models and projections. Cohesiveness is key.

What's next?

Review our learning materials of this topic. We designed them with people like you in mind that are looking to understand KPI's in a quick but in depth way.

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