What does being Investor-Ready mean?

That you are prepared to talk and negotiate with investors your next round of funding.


There're four areas where you have to be extra polished in order to raise capital:

Pitch & Storytelling, Financial Model & KPI, Legal Documents & Cap Table and Term Sheets.

So the next question is: what does it mean to be ready in each of these areas?

Pitch Deck & Storytelling

What do investors expect?

Understand if you

have a scalable business

Recognize if they can get a 10x return

Know that your team

is able to make this company happen

Learn about your product & story

Financial Model & KPI

Speak Your Investor's Language

Measure yourself in industry standards from


Model your 3 and 5 year projections and cash flow

Nail your use

of funds

Have a financial model easy to read for your investors

Legal Documents

You never want to be unprepared

Protect your company from partners and founders issues 


investors' legal standards and thresholds

Prepare fundraising paperwork with cutting-edge tools

Have a clean cap table, meaning clear documentation

on who owns what

Term Sheets

Drive a  solid negotiation and get a fair deal for founders, employees and investors.

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