The Solution

Now that everyone understands the problem that you are trying to solve, it is time to describe how your product is fixing the problem.

This is an excercise for you to sit down, write down your answers to the questions and let the creative juices flow.

- What are you doing about it?

- What's your secret sauce?

- What's changing your customer's life?

If you need extra help finding the exact ways to describe how your product is fixing the problem, the Value Proposition Canvas can help.

... create savings that please your customers? In terms of time, money and effort?

... produce outcomes your customers expect or that exceed their expectations? By offering quality levels, more of something or less of something?

... outperform current value propositions and delight your customers? Regarding specific features, perfomance or quality?

Could your products and services...

Let's see the Airbnb example:

Why is this a good slide?
It's simple: words + illustration. It shows how Airbnb is solving the problem in a unique way.
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