Empowering companies to run data-driven businesses and to make powerful real-time decisions is what these Miami entrepreneurs are enabling with their technology.

As one of the pioneers of the artificial intelligence revolution the world is beginning to experience, Miami-based Poder.IO is an AI startup that gives companies unprecedented power to analyze audience behavior patterns in real time through large-scale big data.

“Our unique initiative integrates artificial intelligence with big data and automation to help clients reach their business goals by managing personalized, segmented audiences precisely and effectively,” its website states.

And the Poder.IO team has executed all this in accelerated “startup time.

After developing and testing the platform for about a year in the U.S and Latin America, the team launched the product in March, 2017. In the past year, the company has generated about $2 million in revenue from clients such as Unilever and Millicon, said Hernan Rodriguez, CEO.

Poder.IO has also grown its team from 3 to 35 people, including 7 team members in its Miami headquarters in WeWork at Brickell City Center. Most of its employees are developers. It has also opened satellite offices in New York, London, Madrid, Mexico City, Sao Paulo and Bogota, according to Hernan Rodriguez, CEO, whose co-founding partners are Yoel Gavoloski, VP who oversees customer success and finance, and Diego Paramo, VP over global sales and partnerships.

Not a bad year. Rodriguez said he expects Poder.IO to generate $10 million in revenue in 2018. “That’s our prediction.”

Poder.IO is all about making data-backed predictions. For a retail client, for instance, Poder.IO technology could predict the probability of future sales and more specifically what product in which aisle could wow the customer. It also helps the client understand the customer’s journey, for instance what the online customer has already bought in the physical store vs what she is looking at now for a more holistic view and better predictions.

Poder’s technology is also being used in the telecom and travel industries, and that will grow, said Rodriguez. “In the coming years, artificial intelligence will be the backbone of all companies in technology and companies that collect data.”

Rodriguez has founded other companies in social marketing, automation and technology. Gavlvski, who earned his MBA from Florida International University, formerly directed client services for AdLatinos and was a senior financial analyst. Paramo was a senior sales manager at Google, among other positions.

Poder.IO has raised about $700,000 from angels and $300,000 from friends and family, but now plans to seek a Series A raise of likely between $3 million and $10 million.

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